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"Two Timer" mp3 HQ 320

Artysta: Two Timer

10.00 zł

Kup teraz

1. 01 Ego 1.00 zł
2. 02 Tools Blues 1.00 zł
3. 03 Ginger Chicks 1.00 zł
4. 04 Got 2 Drink 1.00 zł
5. 05 Yellow Snow 1.00 zł
6. 06 Why? 1.00 zł
7. 07 Moon 1.00 zł
8. 08 I'm Fat 1.00 zł
9. 09 Here It Comes 1.00 zł
10. 10 Devil Woman 1.00 zł
11. 11 Angry 1.00 zł

"Two Timer" mp3 High Quality 320k
Gritty bass supporting a drum set with a booming 24-inch bass drum, and a sound full of a grungy guitar together with tube amp-driven harp give rise to raw, dirty and fat sounding blues from Two Timer. Although representing a rather non-orthodox side of the genre, the band combines its vision of heavy blues with a large dose of respect for blues' roots. The debut album "Two Timer" was recorded live in November 2013 within three days spent in Perlazza Studio in Poznan, Poland. The material features blues on 21st Century steroids but done old school. The tracks are a collection of the Two Timer's original material and one cover of The Red Devils that have influenced us greatly...